In AVED Producciones we believe that every person and every entity, regardless of their sphere of activity, have an ethical responsibility to invest part of their efforts and resources to promote and/or act within a Social Responsibility frame, hence working towards the progress of Humanity.

Having some or none financial benefit shouldn't be an excuse for not contributing to this progress, as it shouldn't involve any cost and it is a clear contribution to Society. In this sense, altruism and exchange are two practices that any organisation should encourage, not only among its members but also among the people they relate and work with, as these help to make it possible.

In our case, the audiovisual creation has a clear real influence on the community and therefore we believe in the need of using part of it to be used as a tool of reflexion and social change. In this sense we join the Audiovisual Social responsibility (RSA) concept, a work philosophy of deep humanistic character that appreciates the social progress and people's value and their work above financial gain.

Your work is worth more than money. Offer yourself and you will find many people/institutions that are also ready to provide you with their available resources. And of course, never stop reminding people that this system, based on solidarity and common interest, works and it is perfectly compatible with their lives.

”Education is the most powerful weapon
you can use to change the world.”

Ethical values and Social responsibility are very important matters for AVED Producciones. We approach them through a perspective of deep Humanistic and Altruistic character, using the artistic expression by way of catalyser and discarding the production of any project that doesn’t respect them.

Through all these years we have not only developed a project assessment code based on these matters, but we have also found out ways for their integration within the audiovisual production, and we have even carried out various actions with the only purpose of promoting them or working on them most of the times in collaboration with other organisations that also work on the same line, from the audiovisual or from any other discipline.

We understand that these values can be included in the audiovisual discipline from two sides:

a) Promoting values as well as a more freed and complete vision of the world
b) Acting directly on specific issues


In the first case, we must not forget that the audiovisual environment promotes knowledge and values by means of artistic expression. Therefore, when complying with RSA, we take in to account the following three things:

a.1) All our productions and activities with no exception must respect the purposes and principles within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

a.2) Our department in charge of approving projects must prioritise, whenever possible, all those projects that promote ethical and social responsibility values. In case of having two possible future projects with the same evaluation, the first project to be executed will be the one which adds more value.

a.3) Our department in charge of approving projects must prioritise, whenever possible, all those projects in which:

- there is an authorial proposal
- points of view different to the usual ones are exposed
- uncommon or silenced issues and realities are shown

Obviously, besides the production there are other ways of promoting values and offering new visions, such as distributing works of special interest (by using our label “Suicide Distributions”) or by organizing acts such as cinema-forums.


Regarding the subject of acting directly on specific needs or issues, we can divide all our lines of action between two main blocks:

b.1) empowerment of members, collaborators and external people.

b.2) activities and productions that directly benefit people who live in problematic environments or in need, contributing in that way to improve their personal situation or at least to reduce the impact that these have on themselves.

If you would like to know all we do within these two blocks, please check this link..


Finally, note that in some situations an activity can be related to several lines of action or even be included in both sides. This is the case, for instance, of activities where a group of people at risk of exclusion participate in the project (direct action), where most of the collaborators from our side can be in practice (empowerment) and at the same time they discover or understand better this reality (promoting values and a more freed and complete vision of the world).

If you want to collaborate with us or ask/propose us anything, do not hesitate contacting us through this email: