AVED Productions


As a services producer, AVED Productions brings together a diverse team of professionals specialized in different disciplines of image and sound. Artists and technicians in cinematography, fine arts, professional sound, graphic design, journalism…

A work group of over thirty people united by their passion for this profession. A creative space where the experience of veterans is complemented by the fresh air of the youngest.


All the benefits we get with our services are reinvested in our cultural and social project. So if you choose us for your audiovisual needs not only you will benefit from our professionalism and creativity, but also you'll be contributing to a much larger project.

Likewise, if you are an organization working in the field of culture and / or social responsibility, let us know your audiovisual needs and we will study the possibility of offering you our services in a collaborative regime.


Production of all types of video
Video editing, animation, special effects and photo slideshows
DCP Authoring, Blu-ray and DVD
Color grading
Video, photography and audio restoration
Translation, dubbing and subtitling


Email us at servicios@aved.es and tell us what you need.


Production of all kinds of videos

We film and photograph everything you need: corporate, industrial, viral, advertising, documentaries, reports, events, conferences, videomarketing, music videos, documentary, fiction, fashion, multicamera shows, sports…

Part of our success is a good preproduction and a detailed development before getting to the cameras. Also we pursue a good complicity with the client in developing each project, which allows us to better mold the project to the budget and the specific needs of the shoot. All this topped with a meticulous post-production that lets us obtain the best possible image.

Video editing, animation, special effects and photo slideshows.

We publish what you need, no matter how simple or complex it is, all in the quality that best suits your needs (HD, Internet, smartphone). We also perform titling services, 2D/3D animation, effects, animated logos, masks and headers as well as animated photo slideshows.

DCP, blu-ray and DVD authoring.

We create DCPs compatible with any movie theater. Blu-ray/DVD also compatible with any player in the market, with options menus, including subtitles, selectable audio track (Stereo, 5.1 Dolby Surround), etc.

Color grading service

Our proven experience in image retouching for films allows us to offer this service to any project. Our professionals will not only tweak the image to your taste, but also suggest alternatives to achieve even more impressive results.

Restoration of video, audio and photographies

We process audiovisual content that has been damaged by time or by poor capture. We can eliminate a lot of sound and image defects. Show us the footage you want to enhance and we will tell you all that can be done to make it look closer to your needs, without any obligation.

Translation, dubbing and subtitling

Voiceover and dubbing for any kind of audiovisual production with professional actors and native accents. Transcripts and translations of text. Final dubbing+soundtrack mix, and audio mastering. Insertion of subtitles in any video.


A selection of entities we have worked for