AVED Productions

AVED Productions has released over 200 film projects, including fiction, documentary and music video, among many other projects.

We produce all kinds of feature films, going for any genre or artistic proposal. Over the years, we have given opportunities to new directors, no matter their age or experience, whose debuts have been possible with us.


We are fearless on supporting works full of audacity and boldness on a formal or thematic level, even if its commercial exploitation is difficult. With that unique vision we are one of the few independent production companies that strongly support the short film format, as we consider it as worthy and artistically relevant as any other kind of film.

Our authorial understanding of audiovisual production is crucial to us in the whole working process. We back minoritary and personal projects and we always respect the right of the author to decide how the final cut of his film is going to be, something that nowadays most directors are struggling with.

In order to face all those risks with certain financial guarantees we achieve great economy of means. In addition, we own part of the material required to shoot any film, which allows us to cut many costs for the riskier films. We also have great staff trained in-house, professionals accustomed to work fast without neglecting the excellence in the final result.


AVED Productions has a department dedicated to read and assess the scripts the authors provide. This department prepares a detailed report with an evaluation that is also sent to the writer in order to share our judgement, with the aspects we like and others we think can be improved, because we think it is a way to help and encourage writers.

In order to submit scripts for our consideration please use the address guions@aved.es.


In order to locate better our works, AVED’s production is classified in four different categories:


AVED Productions
The trademark, meant for our main productions, the ones that we put more resources on.


AVED Independent
The brand that includes our most experimental and daring productions. The production design is usually less complex than those in AVED Productions.


Applied to those productions made with a teaching vocation or performed by less experienced people. Labelled with a red logo.


AVED Servicios
We use that logo to mark our professional works for other companies. Its logo is blue.