AVED Productions objective is to contribute to the art of cinema, bringing an space for audiovisual creation for independent productions which prioritizes will and artistic freedom. We foment ethics and social responsibility, also giving visibility to new artists and professionals, endorsing new film visions.


AVED Productions is an audiovisual independent production company founded in Barcelona on 2006 by a young group of film enthusiasts. Created as a non-lucrative association and registered in the Catalonia Production Companies Board (REAC), it’s a refoundation of the AVED association created in 1999.

Born within the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and supported by it alongside with Telecom Barcelona, its goal is to offer to its members and collaborators the chance to experiment and grow in the audiovisual discipline, in its creative, theoretical and technical aspects.

Its first main interest was to produce short films written and directed by its members, but soon enough it started producing projects conceived outside. From then, AVED Productions has produced or co-produced a total of

100+ short films
14 fiction & documentary features
10+ medium format documentaries
100+ music videos, tv-commercials and other works

During those years, AVED has launched the careers of dozens of directors (many of them first-time directors) and numerous technicians and artists who have supported AVED’s formative projects and film experimenting.

AVED’s way of understanding the authorship of a work makes it to not only support valiant projects with limited audience or strong personal visions, but also always respecting the director’s final cut over the editing process.

AVED Productions was in 2010 one of the first companies to release commercially in Spain a low-budget feature film shot entirely on digital format (“Embryo”, by Gonzalo López). This not only was a major triumph for the team and collaborators from AVED Productions, but also for the independent filmmaking community of Barcelona, with whom AVED Productions is widely identified in its way understanding filmmaking.

In AVED Productions we strongly believe in the democratization of the audiovisual. In order to contribute to it we dedicate a good part of our efforts and structure to create dynamics in which all of our members and collaborators can train and improve themselves in those areas of their interest, whatever it is their level of knowledge.

That’s why we define ourselves as a “company-school”. Our philosophy is that anyone can fully progress in the audiovisual world, through experimentation in those areas that fit his/her sensibility and artistic intentions, thus are more suitable for him/her to bring his/her personal and unique vision to it. Our workflow is based on freedom of expression, group synergies, knowledge exchange and an absolute passion for cinema.

We have an exclusively dedicated department to train our members and collaborators, through participation in activities like

        · Master classes & workshops given by AVED professionals and/or external professionals.
        · Productions where they have responsibilities according to their capabilities.
        · Tutorized productions made as practice, where they have higher responsibilities.
        · Accredited assistance to press-junkets and Film Festivals.

We also have a department created exclusively for younger and less experienced people, where they coordinate themselves with total freedom to develop their own projects. As well as internship agreements for our productions with people coming from colleges and film schools both national and international. These last ones through projects like ERASMUS, PROMEDIA or Leonardo Da Vinci.

All of this formative offer enables our collaborators to experiment their art freely, learning from professional people in projects that will have media resonance.

The ethical values and social responsibility are very important matters for AVED Productions. We approach them from an Humanist and altruistic point of view, using the artistic expression as a catalyst and not producing any project that does not respect them.

Over the years we’ve not only developed a projects evaluation code based on this standards, but we also have been discovering different ways to integrate this philosophy into our audiovisual production, sometimes developing diverse actions made only to promote it. In most of the cases, we worked in collaboration with other institutions whom also work are on the good fight, either from the audiovisual field or any other discipline.

We understand taht these values can be added to the audiovisual discipline from two points of view:

            a) promoting both values and a complete and freer vision of the world.
            b) impacting in a more direct way on specific problems.

If you want to know more about our way of understanding and working with social responsability, you can take a look at our philosophy & objectives or also take a look at our vision on how to apply it in the audiovisual discipline.

All of our productions and activities respect, without any exception, the purposes and principles stated in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights..

One of the newest brands of AVED Productions is Suicide Distributions, aimed to spread and give greater visibility to those productions -mainly third party- that, away from the canons of commercial cinema, have an artistic and / or humanist remarkable proposal.

We endorse minority productions that offer new visions and risky proposals. We want to contribute to the culture of cinema in our country, bringing to the public works that otherwise would be very difficult to know or watch.

We distribute in DCP, Blu-Ray and DVD formats, both for domestic market and for theatrical screenings, collaborating with other distributors in most occasions.

Parallel to our audiovisual activities, our member’s passion for cinema ended up originating a journalistic film section called Quemando Manderlay (Burning Manderlay), where they share with the audience their articles about movies, festivals and cinema news. These online contents are also useful for the rest of the members and collaborators of AVED Productions, who have there the possibility to expand their theoretical and analytical knowledge in addition to their practical training.

We are credited at most of the film festivals and press screenings in our country. This not only enables our members and collaborators to meet and share opinions with the elite of the film critics, but also to meet artists and technicians and watch the movies before they are released. Some of them had being part of the jury at well known international festivals.

It must be said that we delight ourselves in making an extra effort to cover some festivals, which have been ignored by the mainstream media, initiatives that support an invisible, socially and culturally compromised fimmaking. This has made of us, in numerous occasions, one of the main press referrals of these festivals.

some members, collaborators and friends of Aved

Above all, AVED Productions is a family made by people who share the same passion, a group of friends who spread their love for the audiovisual in all the projects they work. People who are constantly evolving through practical experimentation, often working in an altruistic way whether in personal or other people projects.

We want to work for a renovating and original filmmaking, exploring the audiovisual discipline from a non-dogmatic vision. If you think you fit with it, don’t hesitate to come here and meet us!

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